The Life

Among the many services we provide in the protection industry, we also are the home of American PIT Fighting Martial Science. Our students take pride in the in-depth training they receive directly from the founders of this discipline. Not only do they get exclusive training, but they also learn about the psychology of the fight and the body's meridians. 


Premier Services

APFA is a premier academy that takes pride in the program Tactical Cinematic Development. This program exists to further develop actors that are wanting to receive more physically demanding roles in the film industry. In addition to fight, stunt, and tactical choreography, set safety is at the forefront of this entire program.  


In an effort to bridge the gap of law enforcement and the communities they serve, we teach a multitude of courses that help public service members become more effective at their profession while gaining the confidence of the public. Again, this training is both physical and psychological.

About Us

We teach classes in the protection and film industries such as American PIT Fighting martial arts, Tactical Cinematic Development, and executive protection. We also teach personal fitness, personal protection, contingency planning, and much more.


American P.I.T. Fighting Academy