Safety on Set

We believe that past incidents in film history should not go unnoticed nor be forgotten. It's because of this that we teach set safety in-depth. 

Tactical Cinematic Development

There will be many opportunities for actors and directors to attend workshops and training conventions.

About Us

Only the finest in the protection and film industries.


On this site, you will find a variety of information pertaining to many facets of the American PIT Fighting Academy. We cover a myriad of topics by providing "how-to" videos, shared information and also providing a venue for others to post question, commentary and also for the martial arts community to stop by and share their views, perspective and knowledge. Make no mistake we are not a "gym" we are an academy and this page is dedicated to martial education in the belief that martial arts transcends mere artistry, as it is a language that takes finesse to articulate and years to master.

Our Mission:


Our primary mission is to be the nations premier facility for Martial Arts and specialized protective training and education.


Fight Choreography

We train how to film fighting and tactical scenes as well as choreograph them.

Training Never Sleeps

Rain, hail, sleet, snow, day, or night, we are here to train anyone. We understand that schedules vary. For this, we train 24/7.




Rank is Earned, Not Given

Rest assured, every one of our students are proficient in the level they train. We Do Not promote until that student is both physically and psychologically ready for the next level.




Think You Know Martial Arts?

We humbly invite any and all practitioners to join us in training and educating others about the many disciplines of Martial Science. Osu!